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Hello music teachers, parents, and music students!  I am offering flute lessons to any level musician:  from BEGINNER (those who have never even touched a flute or seen a music staff) to ADVANCED (high school and college students who wish to participate in competitions or prepare for auditions.)  I am willing to commute to teach lessons in your school or home.  My rates are very affordable and my schedule flexible!  I'm an enthusiastic teacher for any age group, and I specialize in assessing the student’s needs regardless of age. 

I am a recent Kenan Fellow in Music at the Lincoln Center Education at New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.   I am a recent graduate of  University of  North Carolina School of the Art’s Master of Music program as of this past May.  My concentration was in Flute Performance, and will send you a résumé should you request one.  Please inquire about prices, availability, an instrument, or any general questions you may have.


Teaching Reviews

"Cain’s passion for the flute is contagious. He has an innate way of nurturing the desire in his students to play their personal best.  My daughter, Mari (age 12), has had the privilege of studying flute with Cain. Her interest in, not just playing the flute, but playing the flute well, and having the confidence to audition for opportunities that are available through her school and our community, have grown significantly since working with Cain. He has a natural way of relating to his students and a creative teaching style that engages the student which makes learning fun and new.  Mari is inspired  to  practice playing her flute and this is another indication to me that Cain has made a difference in her passion for the flute.  Needless to say, Mari and I strongly recommend Cain to anyone who has the opportunity to study with him."


-Amy, mother of Mari


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